We’ve Lost Server 54

It’s Novell machine boss.. one of our most reliable servers. We’ve lost it.

What do you mean ‘lost it’?

Well, literally. It responds to ping. It’s completely functional – great up-time like I mentioned. We just can’t figure out where it is.

hidden wall doorway

It is the kind of tale any ITT/BOFH can dine-out on for months.

The story was that some bright young spark at the University of North Carolina realized a physical audit of their server equipment was overdue. After the techs went to visibly inspect the servers, they discovered that nobody could find a Novell server, ‘Server 54’ (one of their best) that was running NT. This suggested that nobody had actually physically maintenanced it, or even seen it, in at least FOUR years.

The search went on for weeks to no avail. Finally it was decided that the only option was to hand-trace all the network cabling throughout campus. Interestingly, one set of network cables led straight into a “solid wall” and looped back out for no apparent reason. There were no doors or even vent shafts to peek behind the wall. After the rest of the physical trace was completed, and the server still missing, it was decided it was time to cut a hole into the wall…

And there it was, Server 54, ol’ reliable, resting on shelf in an alcove that maintenance workers had sealed off many years earlier and forgot about.

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