How to make Professional Looking Plots for Journal Publication using Matlab R2014b

Matlab R2014b R2014a Graph Plot

Out of the box, Matlab is a powerful tool with many great built-in features. Suffice to say, however, their default 2D plots leave a lot to be desired. While meat-and-potatoes graphs are fine on most days, when it comes time to publish that data however, something must be done. The good news is, contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to export your data into some other graphing software; in fact, I have serious doubts that any so-called professional graphing program can provide the features built into native Matlab. The best part is, once you code your plotting script/function, you can use it again-and-again making minimal changes to the script. The plot above was generated in matlab; I’ve pasted my code for this graph below. Some day when I have a few spare minutes, I’ll cull and format the code for universal use (and post on matlab file-exchange. For now though, WYSIWYG. I’ll be happy to address your questions though – leave them as a comment below. (P.S. You will also need the boundedline.m function, which can be acquired here on file exchange)


Here’s one last example, using the above code and subplotting on four different axes in the same figure instance.


One thought on “How to make Professional Looking Plots for Journal Publication using Matlab R2014b

  1. Also note the lines stating…
    if verLessThan(‘matlab’, ‘8.3.1’); 
    xt = roundn((get(gca,’XTick’)).*AveOver*DATARATE.*(t)./(60),0); 
    set(gca,’XTickLabel’, sprintf(‘%.0f|’,xt)) 
    hax2 = (get(gca)); xt = hax2.XTick; 
    xtt = roundn(xt*AveOver*DATARATE*(t)/(60),0); 
    hax2.XTickLabel = xtt; 
    …allows this code to be run in previous versions of Matlab

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