COVID19 cases per hospital bed

May 1st graph updates wrt. the coronavirus pandemonium. Here I’m plotting bubble sizes proportional to the number of SARS-CoV-2 cases per total hospital beds in a county, and coloring by log cases per county.

COVID19 cases per hospital bed

Here is basically the same graph, after switching the color and size axes: bubble sizes are now proportional to the sqrt(cases) in a county, and color represents the number of cases per bed.

Let’s check in with NYC and see how it’s fairing compared to the rest of the US…

Lastly I’ve generated a log-log plot of cumulative vs. daily cases and deaths. Ultimately we want the daily cases and deaths to drop significantly, so when things start going very well, there should be a dramatic drop along the y-dim (particularly for the deaths graph, since daily cases might indicate a ramping-up of testing, which I’d consider a good thing). As of May 1st, things look promising, but this battle is certainly not over. At least, however, it looks like the physical distancing tourniquet has greatly attenuated the exponential growth.