Plotting the location of every U.S. hospital using MATLAB Mapping Toolbox

FeaturedU.S. Hospital Locations

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, one major question is will we have enough medical resources to handle those who need treatment. In order to make predictions about the nCOV sequelae, one key piece of information is the number of U.S. hospitals, and where they are located.

I’ve put a copy of this dataset here:

After importing the data the MATLAB, we simply need to pass the latitude and longitude data into the mapping toolbox. We will use a method that draw circles of a given size, centered at each lat/lon provided.

Hospitals in the U.S.

This looks pretty good from this level of zoom, but you will find out upon zooming in that map overlays that draw polygons that (for good reason) don’t resize when you zoom in and out…

You can however plot locations using pins, which will resize based on the current zoom level. Here is an example of that code:

Pins indicate the location of U.S. hospitals