Corporate Greed. What the shit?

There has been a lot of talk lately using the term “corporate greed”. I would like to point out that corporations don’t have feelings. Obviously. So the term ‘corporate greed’ is somewhat of a misnomer. Corporations have one goal, to maximize the return on its shareholders investment. I’m fine with that. The middle class has the opportunity to own stock in a company they think has a promising future; the corporation should play the game for them just the same. What about personal greed? I think that is somewhat silly too. We are all greedy in the sense that nobody would pass on the opportunity to make easy money. Thus we should be more concerned with how easy it is to compile individual wealth, given the current financial status of a particular person. Here’s what I think, it should be somewhat easy to become a millionaire, but it should be extremely difficult to become a billionaire. Thus, the income and property tax bracketing structure between million dollar and billion dollar wealth should increase exponentially. Why? Capitalism is based on the idea that people are willing to work hard, given the right incentives. One of the greatest incentives is a realistic opportunity to better yourself financially, and maybe even become wealthy. But it should be a fair fight. With a flat-ish income tax system, who is going to have an easier time making a million dollars — someone who already has 5 million dollars or someone who has 5 thousand dollars? I think it should be equally difficult for both parties to put that million dollars in their pocket. Get it?