World Cup 2010 Players to Watch

You’re scrambling to get your world cup bracket done, look down at the page, and realize you don’t know half these countries, and have no idea what country your favorite club team player is on (Fill out a Bracket Here)

Lets kick things off with:

Christiano Ronaldo, Portugul, Real Madrid
Joe Cole, England, Chelsea

There is a special moment at 2:05 into the clip

Lionel Messi, Argentina, Barcelona

Whats the hype about Messi? See for yourself, but you are gunna want to skip to about 1:45 in this video (to whoever made this vid, the 2 minute buildup, wtf? seriously?)

Kaka, Brazil, Real Madrid

He’s fast as fuck. It’s not bad enough he could just run right by the defense, but he’s also got foot skills and a deadly shot. Also this video starts off with Sandstorm by Darude!

Xavi, Spain, Barcelona

While you have Ronaldo and Kaka playing for Real Madrid, you have another talented duo at Barcelona, with Messi and Xavi. Unfortunately, Xavi will not have Messi when he’s on the pitch for Spain in South Africa.

Didier Drogba, Ivory Coast, Chelsea

Drogba, The King of Goals.

Andres Iniesta, Spain, Barcelona

I just have one clip of Iniesta, but for those of you who don’t know how well Spain is going to do as a team. Watch this clip.

ESPN says these are the 50 best players in the world