Tabula Rasa

If ever you think to yourself “I’m not a smart person”, consider this…
Homo erectus lived from 1.9mil – 200k years ago. Modern Homo sapiens-sapiens first appeared in East Africa some 200k years ago BP (BP=before present). The human brain has not noticeably changed since the first Homo sapiens-sapiens, and the oldest fossil remains of these anatomically modern humans are dated 200k BP (it’s worth noting that the homo population size was less than 26k at 1.2mil BP, and modern humans may have descended from a population of 10k-20k individuals 70k BP). The first evidence of farming and agriculture (marking the Neolithic Period) began 12k BP, and is an era when humans started making a variety of stone farming tools, crude huts, and domesticating animals. The earliest evidence of written symbols emerged just 7k BP. This means that humans who had the same brain as you (as far as we can tell) existed between 200k – 15k BP (~185,000 years) and made practically zero technological progress, didn’t develop a written language, and formulated only an prelude to culture. If you were to go back in time 70k years and found a way to introduce written/spoken English and basic arithmetic… it’s quite plausible that the most cutting-edge technology of today’s society would’ve been invented more than 20-thousand years ago! For more than 150 thousand years, people walked the earth with the same brain as you and I, and they lived in stick huts and never developed a written language. But some time around 7000 years ago, a written language was developed allowing history and culture to be communicated amongst many more humans. It also improved humans ability to scaffold their thoughts on a more advanced symbolic language (think about not being able to do this). In the first 150 thousand years we developed stone tools, in last 7000 years we sent a man to walk on the moon.